The Adirondack is a passenger train operated daily by Amtrak from New York-Penn Station in New York City to Montreal Central Station in Montreal, Canada. The average trip takes 10 hours 8 minutes to travel 381 miles on a total of traveling through the scenic Hudson river into Albany and then heads north through the Adirondacks before it crosses into Canada. The Adirondack runs as train 68 from Montreal-New York City and as train 69 from New York City-Montreal.

The Adirondack suffers delays because almost none of the tracks are owned by Amtrak and border crossing customs. The on time performance dropped to 61.9 %. During the year 2012 Amtrak's Adirondack carried 131,000 people which was a 7.1% increase from 2011.

In 1971 two trains were founded to run between Albany, New York and Montreal, Canada which were the Montreal Limited(overnight trip) and Laurentian(morning/midday trip) both of whom were discontinued. In 1974 the Adirondack was made into two branches to travel between NYC and Montreal. The traveler would leave Grand Central Terminal on the train to Albany where they would have to wait for the train to Montreal. This was later made into one branch.

The Adirondack has

A café car
4 coach cars
A dome used from Albany, NY to Montreal, Canada in the fall

The Adirondack doesn't offer any higher class of service than Coach class.