The Crescent is a high speed rail operated by Amtrak running 1,377 miles(2,216 kilometers)from New York-Penn Station in New York City and New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal in New Orleans, Louisiana as train 19 heading towards New Orleans and train 20 headed towards N.Y City. Average travel time is 32.5 hours(1 day 8.5 hours)and during the year 2010 the Crescent carried up to 380,000 passengers up 2 percent from the previous year.

The Crescent originated by a railroad that connected New York to Atlanta and New Orleans via Richmond and Charlottesville through Charlotte, NC in 1865. Advertised travel time was 77.5 hours(3 days 5.5 hours). In 1891 a train was founded between Washington D.C and Atlanta which was later extended into Birmingham, AL and soon after New Orleans. NY City was later added to the schedule. The trip was now advertised as 40 hours.

Through World War II a train called the Peachtree Queen was operating the 867 miles(1,387.2 kilometers) between Atlanta and N.Y City via Charlotte, Washington D.C and Philadelphia.

There are sleeper cars for guests to enjoy at 180-300 USD per person called the Viewliner.

The southbound train leaves New York-Penn Station in the mid-afternoon arriving in Philadelphia by around 4 P.M. It continues south arriving at Washington D.C by around 6:30 P.M. Later it reaches Lynchburg, VA by 10:00 P.M and Charlotte around 2:00 A.M only to arrive in Atlanta-Peachtree Station by breakfast time and passing through Birmingham, Alabama at lunchtime it reaches New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal by 7 P.M.

The northbound train leaves New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal at 7:15 A.M traveling through Mississippi through the late morning and afternoon by which it arrives in Birmingham, AL by 5 P.M and Atlanta, GA by 8 P.M. It then travels 250 miles through Greenville, South Carolina and Spartanburg, South Carolina only to arrive in Charlotte, NC by 1:45 A.M where it meets the Carolinian until Greensboro, NC and continues 116 miles N through Danville by which it is later to arrive in Lynchburg by 6 A.M from which it is later followed by the Northeast Regional about 125 miles behind it but the Northeast Regional extends further into New England and it later terminates at Boston South Station. 65 miles later in Charlottesville, Virginia the Crescent and Northeast Regional are joined by the Cardinal from Chicago Union Station also headed for New York-Penn Station. Passing through Manassas at 9 AM it arrives in Washington D.C Union Station by 10 AM where it is reunited with the Carolinian and joined by the Acela Express which is a high priced train headed for Boston South Station. In Philadelphia the Crescent and it's side Amtrak partners are joined by Keystone Service, Pennsylvanian and NJ transit until New York-Penn Station.


New York-Penn Station(mile 0)

Newark-Penn Station(mile 11)

Trenton Transit Center(mile 68)

Philadelphia-30th Street Station(mile 96)

Wilmington, DE(mile 129)

Baltimore-Penn Station(mile 198)

Washington D.C-Union Station(mile 234)

Alexandria, VA(mile 241)

Manassas, VA(mile 275)

Culpeper, VA(mile 299)

Charlottesville, VA(mile 332)

Lynchburg-Kemper Street Station(mile 407)

Danville, VA(mile 472)

Greensboro-Galyon Transportation Center(mile 512)

High Point, NC(mile 539)

Salisbury, NC(mile 572)

Charlotte, NC(mile 605)

Gastonia, NC(mile 622)

Spartanburg, SC(mile 677)

Greenville, SC(mile 700)

Clemson, SC(mile 757)

Toccoa, GA (mile 791)

Gainesville, GA(mile 829)

Atlanta-Peachtree Station, Atlanta, GA(mile 855)

Anniston, AL(mile 957)

Birmingham, AL(mile 1,017)

Tuscaloosa, AL(mile 1,076)

Meridian, MS(mile 1,159)

Laurel, MS(mile 1,226)

Hattiesburg, MS(mile 1,255)

Picayune, MS(mile 1,307)

Slidell, LA(mile 1,333)

New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, New Orleans, LA(mile 1,377)


New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal(mile 0)

Slidell, LA(mile 44)

Picayune, MS(mile 70)

Hattiesburg, MS(mile 122)

Laurel, MS(mile 151)

Meridian, MS(mile 218)

Tuscaloosa, AL(mile 301)

Birmingham, AL(mile 360)

Anniston, AL(mile 420)

Atlanta-Peachtree Station, Atlanta, Georgia(mile 522)

Gainesville, GA(mile 548)

Toccoa, GA(mile 596)

Clemson, SC(mile 630)

Greenville, SC(mile 687)

Spartanburg, SC(mile 710)

Gastonia, North Carolina(mile 754)

Charlotte, North Carolina(mile 773)

Salisbury, North Carolina(mile 806)

High Point, NC(mile 839)

Greensboro-Galyon Transportation Center, Greensboro, North Carolina(mile 866)

Danville, VA(mile 916)

Lynchburg-Kemper Street Station, Lynchburg, Virginia(mile 970)

Charlottesville Union Station, Charlottesville, Virginia(mile 1,045)

Culpeper, VA(mile 1,078)

Manassas, VA(mile 1,110)

Alexandria, VA(mile 1,144)

Washington D.C-Union Station(mile 1,151)

Baltimore-Penn Station(mile 1,194)

Wilmington, DE(mile 1,248)

Philadelphia-30th Street Station, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(mile 1,281)

Trenton Transit Center, Trenton, New Jersey(mile 1,309)

Newark-Penn Station, Newark, New Jersey(mile 1,366)

New York-Penn Station, New York(mile 1,377)