Amtrak's Keystone Service provides high speed rail service between the Harrisburg Transportation Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia-30th Street Station and/or New York-Pennsylvania Station which the distance totals approximately 195 miles(315 kilometers) and the average journey time is 3 hours 20 minutes.

The trains consist of unreserved coaches from Harrisburg-Philadelphia(99 miles) and from Philadelphia-NYC(96 miles) the trains have reserved coaches. There are no café cars on the Keystone Service trains or a higher class of service than Coach Class.

On weekdays there are thirteen Keystone Service trains running towards Philadelphia or New York and Harrisburg each way and a Pennsylvanian train headed for NYC or Pittsburgh, PA. Nine of the Keystone Service trains go through New Jersey into NYC followed by the Pennsylvanian. On weekends on a ratio of trains going to NY: Keystone service trains are 7:8. Journey time from Harrisburg to Philadelphia is approximately 1 hour 40 min, from Harrisburg to Trenton is 2 hours 10 min and from Harrisburg to NYC is 3 hours 20 min.